Milk Your Moments: Share the message

Milk Your Moments is a £1m dairy industry marketing campaign to drive consumption of milk and other dairy products, by inspiring moments of connection as people stay apart due to coronavirus.

The campaign is funded by AHDB, Dairy UK, Defra, Scottish Government, the Welsh Government and the Northern Ireland Executive to address the fall in milk sales due to the closure of foodservice caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

Milk and dairy have always featured in situations we took for granted before the lockdown, such as catching up with a colleague over a coffee or sharing an ice-cream with friends, so the campaign celebrates those moments – hence ‘Milk Your Moments’.

Inspiring moments of togetherness with dairy

We’ve teamed up with mental health charity Mind to highlight the importance of human connections and are encouraging open conversations with others to make a positive impact on people’s mental health.

Mind (England and Wales) will work in partnership with SAMH (Scottish Association for Mental Health) in Scotland and Inspire in Northern Ireland to deliver the partnership, to cover all four nations of the UK.

We are encouraging consumers to record their own moments to share with their friends on social media using the #MilkYourMoments hashtag, alongside advertising on social media, billboards near supermarkets, radio and television.

Consumers will be prompted to visit the Milk Your Moments website, which will generate a random ‘moment of inspiration’ and donate £1 to Mind as well as give them an opportunity to win a prize.

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We're keen for farmers to support the campaign to help it be seen by more people, connect consumers with dairy farming and enhance our reputation.

There are images for you share on social media, guidance about creating your own 'moment' and a downloadable poster to display.

Guidance for dairy farmers to promote the #MilkYourMoments campaign

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