Milk Your Moments dairy campaign - farmer support

Guidance for dairy farmers to help make our new £1m Milk Your Moments marketing campaign a success.

The campaign celebrates and inspires moments of connection that bring people together whilst physically apart due to coronavirus, and highlights the key role dairy plays in those situations.

Creating and sharing ‘Moments’ set on your farm will help the campaign to be seen by more people. connect them with dairy farming and enhance our reputation.

Download guidance about how farmers can support the dairy campaign

How farmers can make the campaign a success

1. Share campaign graphics via your own social media accounts

Choose from a seleciton of Milk Your Moments images to share via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram accounts – remember to use #MilkYourMoments and tag Mind. 

Download the #MilkYourMoments graphics

2. Share a photo with a friend on social media

Copy and paste the following text and post on social media along with a photo of a friend or loved one and tag them to organise a virtual cuppa and a catch up:

This is my favourite picture from 2019 with ‘@xxx and @xxx’, let’s grab a virtual cuppa soon! Carry on the #MilkYourMoments challenge by sharing your favourite photo of 2019 using #MilkYourMoments and help raise money for Mind

Dairy workers and farmers have pledged to create moments of connection and keep the nations' spirits up during these times. For every moment of connection shared with #MilkYourMoments they’ll donate £1 to Mind (T&Cs apply)

3. Create and share your own moment on social media

Create your own moment to share using the farm, the cows or the countryside as your inspiration – visit the Milk Your Moments website for inspiration.

Share it on social media and encourage others to share your post, with wording such as:

‘If my post makes you smile, please LIKE and SHARE it to spread joy throughout the nation and get involved with #MilkYourMoments @MindCharity’

Nominate other farmers on social media to create their own moment to help support the campaign.

4. Display a campaign poster

If you have areas visited by consumers such as vending machines or a farm shop, print off our poster to help promote the campaign.

Download a printable Milk Your Moments poster

Top tips to capture your moment

  • ‘Moments’ set on your farm will help connect consumers with dairy farming 
  • Consider your content through a consumers’ eyes – do your cows look healthy and clean? Is the background clean and tidy? Do the cows have two ear tags? Think about your appearance too
  • Remember – the public don’t know that many farmers live and work with extended family so will be expecting you to follow Government guidance on 2 metre social distancing
  • This is not a milk drinking challenge – the aim is to capture you connecting with other people (in person, virtually or remotely) since this is at the heart of the campaign. Please bear this in mind when creating your moment
  • Be sensitive to the link with a mental health charity in your posts

Inspiration for creating your moment

We want to see how creative you can be, but here are a few ideas to get you going:

  • Enjoy a cup of coffee and a chat over the farm boundary with a neighbouring farmer
  • Sharing a flask of tea/coffee and cream cake with your farming family whilst checking the cows in the field
  • Treat the farm team to tea and cakes (at 2m social distance)
  • Drop off a bottle of milk to a neighbour and leave a note to organise a virtual cuppa
  • Making a short Tik Tok video with the cows in the background

Example posts on social media

Star in the TV advert

The very best moments shared using the hashtag #MilkYourMoments will be featured in the TV advert in June. 

We would love some farmer moments to make the cut – so get creative!

Social media guidance and questions

Please email if you would like a copy of our guidance about social media or any other questions about the campaign.

Further information

More about the Milk Your Moments campaign