The Department of Dairy Related Scrumptious Affairs

In association with Dairy UK

A drop in people eating and drinking dairy was reported in 2017. But, research showed there wasn’t a conscious choice to cut it out. Dairy was just being forgotten.

Working with Dairy UK, we launched the Department of Dairy Related Scrumptious Affairs to remind people of their love of dairy. The campaign would focus on taste, enjoyment and the moments that make life better.

With a funny, public service announcement tone, we took dairy to the masses on billboards in Euston, Marylebone, Edinburgh Waverley and other major travel hubs. The video ads ran on All4, SkyGo and the ITV Hub, and on Facebook and Instagram. Those ads also showed in national cinema over the 2019 Easter holidays.

After the first burst of activity, campaign awareness was 7% above the national average for the target audience (young parents). Plus, people who were planning to cut down on dairy dropped by 8%, and those planning on trying dairy alternatives dropped by 11%.

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