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Latest Dairy Campaign Shown to Reduce the Reducers

Research has shown that The Department of Dairy Related Scrumptious Affairs campaign has successfully shifted perceptions and shopping habits to ‘reduce the reducers’ from the dairy category.

The campaign, which saw the spoof organisation creating and sharing ‘dairy moments’ to remind 20-35 year old parents how dairy makes life better, aired between March and May 2019. Seen on TV-on-demand, in cinemas, on digital billboards and by 23.8 million people on social media.

Working in partnership with Dairy UK since the campaign started in 2017, the latest wave of results shows the number of people who have cut down or plan to cut down diary from their diet has decreased*.  In addition, 11% more young parents reported they were certain to buy dairy products.  “It’s fantastic to see people are responding positively to the campaign and reigniting their love of dairy.” Commented AHDB head of dairy marketing, Rebecca Miah.

*Net agree with the comment: “I have recently cut down the amount of dairy I consume”, reduced from 39% to 31% when comparing pre wave Y1, to End of Year 2.

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