Improving co-ordination and management of HGCA-funded projects on wheat disease control



This project was identified during a review of wheat disease management projects presented by R&D and RL staff to the R&D Advisory Committee on 29 June 2006. Currently approximately £1.35 million is spent annually on projects relating to Wheat Disease Management. Existing projects were found to be complementary and to some extent interdependent. The work identified opportunities for exploring improved co-ordination, firmer HGCA ownership, potential cost reduction and overall greater benefits from activities. A call for applications to undertake the review was made in August 2007.

Cereals & Oilseeds
Project code:
01 October 2006 - 31 March 2007
AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds.
AHDB sector cost:
£15,000 from HGCA (Project No. 3319).
Project leader:
Dr Kerr C Walker, Merrystem Consultants Ltd, Liosmor, Kirkton of Tough, Alford, Aberdeenshire AB33 8ER. Dr Vicky Foster & Dr Roger Williams, HGCA, Caledonia House, 223 Pentonville Road, London N1 9HY



About this project

Project objectives

Principal objectives of the study were:

1) to conduct a detailed review of HGCA-funded wheat disease projects in order to identify areas for improved co-ordination and integration,
2) to review information delivery with a view to improvements and new approaches,
3) to review in the wider context of the UK/EU cereals sector with a view to greater collaboration.


The project was carried out in collaboration with HGCA R&D staff as a member of the team, and conclusions and recommendations emanating from the review were team conclusions. The review centred around interviews with various sectors of the agricultural community. These included end-users, current project contractors, agrochemical manufacturers, independent scientific experts, Government and HGCA staff. Objectives of those interviews were firstly to identify the requirements of HGCA's funders - the end-users, and then to establish how best to deliver those requirements drawing on the views of the remaining interviewees. The team drew on these views in order to help them build up their recommendations.

Review outputs

Output from the review would be in the form of two reports. The first would be a comprehensive report for HGCA use providing minutes of all interviews together with the personal views of the interviewees. This second summary report would contain the main thrust of the report including recommendations. A presentation to the R&D Advisory Committee and subcommittee would be made in late March/early April 2007 to ensure early endorsement. This was key to ensuring that recommendations for change could be put in place with the contractors by sowing season 2007/08.