Helping you and your calves breathe easy this winter

We’re hosting a series of calf pneumonia webinars this November featuring industry experts and farmers to help you learn how to prevent the disease, reduce costs and lessen the impact on your teams.

Pneumonia is the leading cause of calf deaths on dairy and beef farms, and the increased effort, veterinary care and lower growth rates can be disheartening for you and your teams.

Not only that, it affects your bottom line as each incident can cost up to £500 per animal, and treatment plays a significant role in the use of antibiotics on farm which AHDB-hosted Medicine Hub aims to address.

You’ll learn about everything you need to prevent and treat pneumonia – from housing and stress management to vaccinations and painkillers – to stop it happening in the first place, reduce your costs and help you breathe easier this winter.

The first 200 levy payers to register can choose to receive a delegate pack containing a thermometer, calf thermometer, new calf housing guide, and calf health scorecard. We’ll even send you a cuppa and biscuit to enjoy while you watch our webinars.

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