Richard Twose
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About Maenhir

  • Joined the Strategic Dairy Farm Network in October 2021
  • 600 acres with a further 100 acres rented
  • All year round calving herd with 400 Holstein cows
  • Over 9000 litres of milk per cow with 39% protein and 4.12% butterfat
  • On First Milk aligned Tesco cheese contract

Follow Maenhir if you are interested in

  • Running a profitable business from a traditional family farm
  • Improving your carbon footprint
  • Reducing lameness within the herd
  • Improving cow health and welfare


A traditional family farm, Maenhir sits on the Carmarthenshire / Pembrokeshire border and is owned and operated by the Twose family. Today the farm is largely managed by brothers, Richard and Joe, although their parents, Joseph and Rosemary, Richard’s son, Iwan, and Joe’s son, Joseph, are also actively involved.

Our farm

Bought by the Twoes family in 1975, Maenhir originally consisted of just 120 acres. Today the farm has expanded to 600 acres, with a further 100 rented, which supports their herd of pedigree Holsteins and a number of smaller enterprises run by the family.

Our herd

The milking herd is made up of 400 head of pedigree Holsteins with an additional 200-250 followers. There are also a small number of Shorthorn and Jersey cows. Maenhir operates an all year round calving herd, with an autumn weighting.  The herd are achieving an average yield of over 9000 litres with 3.39% protein and 4.12% butter fat. Sexed semen is used for all replacements with the rest of the herd put to beef. They have achieved excellent conception rates with their heifers and have an average age of first calving between 22–24 months.

The team at Maenhir also run 600 pedigree Lleyn sheep and almost 90 Hereford beef cattle as separate enterprises.

Our journey

Richard and Joe are ambitious for the business, balancing a continual wish to improve with the need to be profitable so that they can reinvest back into the farm. As part of the Strategic Dairy Farm programme, they are keen to pinpoint weaknesses and inefficiencies within the business while identifying potential solutions. They are also focused on improving fertility, reducing their carbon footprint and   cases of lameness in the herd.