Managing and motivating people

Tom Rawson is joined by Heather Wildman of Saviour Associates to explore the critical ingredients involved in creating and managing a well motivated, effective team. 

Event summary

  • Ensure you establish your business vision, where you want to be, and what your ambitions are
  • Consider how you clearly communicate your vision and plan to your team and take time to get their input if possible
  • Plan how yiou will achieve your ambitions, determining what everyones role and purpose will be in working towards these goals
  • Never underestitae the importance of taking time to better understand your staff, find out what they enjoy and what motivates them.
  • Some of the best teams enjoy their role and share fun and laughter during their working days
  • The little things can make a big diference - thank you, please and commending good work are all key
  • We are all responsible for creating and managing our work environments and atmosphere for our staff and teams

Heather Wildman shares how to become the employer of choice

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