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Tom Rawson
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About Houghton Lodge Farm

  • Strategic Dairy Farm since April 2017
  • Spring block calving herd of 650 newly sourced, mostly crossbred cows
  • New grazing infrastructure with 20 000 concrete sleepers @ £5.05 and 40km of fencing
  • 273 ha grazing platform
  • Total farm 428 ha with “Muck for straw” agreement
  • Grazing Feb- Nov

Follow our journey of you are interested in:

  • Setting up a new dairy unit with limited own capital to invest
  • Joint venture agreements, contract farming, and shareholder investment capital
  • Maximising profit from grazing
  • People management on a multi-site business
  • Youngstock rearing options


Run by Evolution Farming in a joint venture and financed with £1 million of seed capital, the project has brought life back to a redundant dairy unit at Houghton Lodge Farm.

The money has allowed investment in farm infrastructure including, reseeding the ground previously laid to arable and 20,000 sleepers for cow tracks.

Our farm

The farm has is 428 hectares with a 273 hectare grazing platform. Grass is key to keep costs low and their aim is to enter grass covers at 2,700-2,800kg DM/ha and leave covers of 1,500kg, working to a wedge.

Our herd

Funded separately by Evolution Farming, the initial 585 cow cross-bred herd were bought the day after the referendum vote when prices were at their lowest. Evolution picked up the bulk of herd for £740 a head, which includes some autumn calvers rather than planned fully spring herd. The herd has been growing to 650 over the last few years.

Our journey

The journey at Houghton Lodge has followed the establishment of the new dairy with both the physical and financial transparency completely available for others to learn from

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Tom Rawson

Tom Rawson

'We were ambitious in acquiring an old dairy and bringing this back to life. It's been a hell of a journey to get where we are and we are tremendously proud.'

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