Tyddyn yr Eglwys

Dylan and Hannah Harries
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About Tyddyn yr Eglwys

  • Strategic Dairy Farm since July 2019 

  • Spring block calving herd of 550 Friesians and Jersey X cows 

  • 5,800 litres per cow

  • 700 acres with 395 acres grazing platform 

  • Summer grazed/ winter housed with self feed sileage 


Follow our journey if you are interested in:

  • Efficiently grow and utilise as much grass as possible 

  • Evaluating the contribution of individual cows to overall profitability 

  • Maintaining or reducing current labour input levels 

  • Maximising their returns and cash out of their business

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Dylan and Hannah Harries have been operating as contract farmers at Tyddyn yr Eglwys since October 2013.  Owned by Kim and Bryony Petty, both the Petty’s and Harries’ have a stake within the herd.

Our farm

Located in North East Pembrokeshire, Tyddyn yr Eglwys is a 283ha farm, of which 160ha is grazing platform. Dylan and Hannah aim to incorporate efficiencies into all aspects of the farm including a well-designed parlour allowing a high throughput of cows per hour.  After spending winter with access to the self-feed silage clamp adjacent to the cubicles, cows calve onto an outdoor calving pad during the spring, before moving to pasture when in milk.

Our herd

This spring calving herd of 550 Friesian X Jerseys averages 5,800litres per cow per year at 4.80% butterfat and 3.80% protein.  All replacements are home reared, and the average age at first calving for 2019 was 21 months. To allow maximum access to good pasture and increase the production of milk from forage, there has been recent investment in tracks and troughs, silage clamps and slurry storage.  Dylan and Hannah also incorporate a herbal ley containing clover, plantain and chickory into their reseeding programme.

Our journey

Dylan and Hannah’s aspirations as Strategic Farmers is to maximise cash out of the business, breed an efficient herd of grass to milk solid converting cows, and utilise as much grass as possible.

You can follow Dylan and Hannah's progress from events on twitter by searching for #SDFTyddynyrEglwys

Our key performance figures

Tyddyn yr Eglwys openly shares their KPIs so you can see how they perform against a number of technical and financial measures. 

Previous meetings and updates

Find out more about the funding of our strategic dairy farm programme in Wales 

Dylan and Hannah Harries

Dylan and Hannah Harries

“We are aiming to optimise business performance and become as efficient as possible and will look to achieve this through ADHB support combined with farmer feedback."

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