The role of fibre in the dairy cow : Webinar

Past Event

7 May 2019

7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

In this webinar, Professor Liam Sinclair from Harper Adams will present the results of an AHDB-funded project on the role of functional fibre in the dairy cow diet in a UK context.

 It is important to feed lactating dairy cows a diet with the correct particle size distribution to optimise rumen function and cow health and performance. Most recommendations are based on North American studies that have fed lucerne haylage and/or maize silage, and may not be suitable for the wetter, grass silage-based rations commonly fed in the UK.

Liam will discuss: 

  • Particle size distribution in UK diets and forage
  • The effect of maize and grass silage particle size on rumen fermentation, cow health and performance
  • The interaction between fibre and concentrate levels in the rumen and effects on cow health and performance

 About the speaker

 Liam Sinclair undertook a degree in Agriculture with Animal Science at Aberdeen University, before moving to Nottingham University where he completed a PhD on rumen metabolism. He then moved to Harper Adams University as a lecturer, progressing to Professor of Animal Science in 2010. His research interests focus on dairy cows and include improving the health attributes of milk, increasing forage utilisation, improving mineral nutrition, and reducing the environmental impact of dairy cows. He was awarded the Sir John Hammond Prize in 2011 for his applied research in ruminant nutrition and ability to transfer research findings to industry, and in 2016 was elected as the President of the British Society of Animal Science.

 About the research

 The project was part of the AHDB Grassland, Forage and Soil Research Partnership with Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC). Usama Tayyab, supervised by Prof Liam Sinclair, completed his PhD on the role of functional fibre in the dairy cow diet.




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