British Pig and Poultry Fair 2022

Past Event - booking closed

Tuesday, 10 May 2022 - Wednesday, 11 May 2022

9:00am - 5:00pm

NAEC, Stoneleigh, Kenilworth , Warwickshire


The British Pig & Poultry Fair takes place every two years at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, hosting over 300 exhibitors and attracting around 10,000 visitors. This year’s fair – the first in four years – offers an ideal opportunity for producers to meet friends and make new business acquaintances. And its comprehensive forum programme will tackle the thorny subjects of pig, poultry and egg market outlooks, as well as ways to improve farm efficiencies and reducing carbon emissions. AHDB is supporting the fair this year and an impressive line-up of speakers will take part in a series of presentations and panel discussions in the dedicated theatre next to our stand. 

Here is our speaker programme for the Pig Forum Theatre.

10:15 Market and consumer trends (AHDB)

This session will look at AHDB’s work to help optimise the market for British pork, by focusing on how producers can sell every part of the pig, stimulating consumer demand and improving the profitability of pork to remain competitive at home and abroad.

The session will be chaired by Angela Christison, AHDB Director, Strategy Development, and she will deliver the opening comments on the crisis the industry is facing.

  • What’s happening in the markets – at home and abroad - Duncan Wyatt, AHDB Lead Analyst 
  • Changing consumers attitudes towards pork -  Steve Evans, AHDB Senior Insight Manager
  • Stimulating demand for British Pork abroad -  Susan Stewart, AHDB Senior Export Manager
  • Consumer marketing – driving sales of pork at home - Liam Byrne, AHDB Marketing Director
  • A farmer’s view – why this work matters to the pork industry, what it means for my business, how it benefits the industry - Tim Bradshaw, Pork Council Member

Opportunity for Q&A’s  


11:00 Pig outlook – predictions for the year ahead          

Hear from three industry experts on the outlook for the pig supply chain and the challenges and opportunities they are planning for.

  • Steve Ellis, Chief Executive, Karro Food Group
  • Rob Mutimer, pig producer and NPA Chairman
  • Alistair Driver, Pig World (Chair)

12:00 Optimal nutrition for economic and environmental sustainability

Hear how using cost-effective nutrient levels at each stage of growth can improve feed efficiency, financial returns, and reduce the carbon footprint of your business.

  • Dr Steve Jagger, ABN Senior Pig Nutritionist
  • Dr Tegan Whiting, ABN Pig Nutritionist

12:50 Environmental challenges (AHDB)

Managing environmental and sustainability risk and what it means for your business.

This session will be introduced and chaired by Mike Sheldon, AHDB Board Member and Pork Sector Council Chair.

  • The future challenges ahead and consequences for farmers - discuss AHDB’s tools, guidance and research that can help (Climate change, nutrient management) - Jon FootAHDB Head of Environment
  • The updates to rules for water Nicola Dunn (10 May), AHDB Environment Scientist
  • The updates to rules for water - Lizzie Wilson (11 May),  Policy Services Officer, NPA

Opportunity for Q&A’s  

13:40 Animal health and welfare (AHDB)

This session will report on how preventing the spread of disease, responsible antibiotic use, increasing our understanding of pig behaviour and improving the physical environment on-farm protect the reputation of the pork industry. This session will be chaired by Mike Sheldon, AHDB Board Member and Pork Sector Council Chair.

  • Discusion of AHDB’s existing scheme, tools and resources - Mandy Nevel, AHDB Head of Animal Health & Welfare
  • Changes that might be coming around alternative farrowing – understanding the practicalities, link it into the pathway (DEFRA) - Nick MacIvor, Consultant, AM Warkup
  • Estimating the costs of endemic disease - Dr Beat Thomann, University of Liverpool
  • Pig Handling – Using the Welfare training platform - Jen Waters, AHDB Head of Knowledge Exchange Pork

Opportunity for Q&A’s  

14:25 Developing people in UK agriculture (AHDB)

Would you want to work for you? This session looks at the steps you can take to recruit, train and develop your staff, how to keep them motivated and why it’s important to look after them.

Panel discussion looking at ‘How to be the employer of choice’ will be chaired by:

  • Mark Campbell, AHDB Business insights & skills  Knowledge Exchange Manager - AgriLeader
  • Izak Van HeerdenAHDB Business insights & skills Senior Knowledge Exchange Manager

Tuesday 10th May – Izak Facilitating

  • Karen Halton, Dairy Farmer
  • Will Armitage, Dairy Farmer
  • Nick Lawson, Rattle Row Farms – Pork producer

Wednesday 11th May – Mark Facilitating

  • Joe Delves, Dairy Farmer
  • Rob Hodgkins, Sheep & Arable Farmer
  • Nick Lawson, Rattle Row Farms – Pork producer

All of the sessions will include a discussion with the speakers and their guests. Don’t miss this opportunity to quiz the experts! 



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