Coronavirus: consumer marketing support

Find out how our teams are supporting businesses in crisis during the COVID-19 outbreak, with a focus on meeting consumer needs during these challenging times.

Message from the team

Supporting our industry remains an upmost priority for AHDB. We recognise that some businesses are in crisis, needing to figure out new ways of working to meet demand and new markets to work in altogether. 

"Consumers are facing incredible change, figuring out ways to feed their families with possibly reduced incomes and definitely reduced choices. In marketing we strive to provide what the consumer demands, whilst meeting an industry need.

"Below are examples of our work, which illustrate how we’re adjusting our marketing efforts to reflect the changing environment we find ourselves in to help our consumers to eat as healthily, economically and deliciously as possible."

Live campaigns to support the industry


This £1m dairy industry campaign seeks to celebrate and inspire moments of connection, to bring people together while they are physically apart due to coronavirus.

Milk and dairy have often featured in social situations we took for granted before lockdown – such as catching up over coffee or sharing an ice cream with friends. This campaign celebrates those moments, hence #MilkYourMoments.

Funded by AHDB, Dairy UK, Defra, Scottish Government, the Welsh Government and the Northern Ireland Executive, the dairy industry has also teamed up with Mind, the mental health charity, to highlight the importance of human connections.

Read more about the #MilkYourMoments campaign

#MakeItSteak #SteakNight

We're asking farmers, retailers, chefs and everyone in the food supply chain to help encourage and inspire others to enjoy a delicious beef steak.

Join in our #MakeItSteak and #SteakNight campaign by sharing our recipes, advice and videos on social media, as well as sharing your own expert knowledge and tips.

Read more about the #MakeItSteak #SteakNight campaign


Which rubs and flavours do you pair with pork shoulders to create the perfect pulled pork dish? We're asking everyone to get involved and share their secrets on social media, using the #PerfectPulledPork hashtag.

We're also featuring our favourite pulled pork recipes, championing the use of shoulder joint cuts, and urging everyone to explore the Love Pork consumer website.

Read more about the #PerfectPulledPork campaign


The loss of food service due to the Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the lamb industry, and although more meals are being cooked at home, this does not come close to making up the food service shortfall. 

Join in our #MakeItLamb campaign by sharing our recipes, advice and videos on social media, as well as sharing your own expert knowledge and tips.

Read more about the #MakeItLamb campaign

Adapting to the challenge

We are redirecting efforts to ensure we continue to deliver relevant solutions in line with evolving consumer needs.

More focus on digital

Digital media is accessible to all in the home and has the most suitable lead times in this time of flux.

Listening to the audience

We are listening to our audience and providing valuable content, such as tips and recipes, to help people cooking at home.

Supporting the supply chain

We continue to support local and independent retailers, who are quite literally a lifeline for their communities at the moment.

Using social media

  • We've asked our consumer-facing social media audiences what kind of content they would find helpful in their feeds
  • We've switched from monthly to two-weekly scheduling in order to react to the changing environment
  • Content has been reconsidered to ensure it is relevant, sensitive and helpful
  • We're cross-selling sectors where there is the opportunity to optimise solutions for consumers

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Tasty ideas for new home cooks

We have created new blogs to provide tips and advice to families dealing with their ‘new normal’.

These include recipes with ingredients that can readily be switched for alternatives as well as comfort foods and storage hints and tips.

Visit Simply Beef & Lamb: Everyday comfort food recipes

Visit Love Pork: Batch cooking for the family

#OrdinaryFood for good health

The social media campaign #OrdinaryFood is partnering with GoodToKnow to share with its circa 8,500 social community the importance a healthy balanced diet and how shoppers can have the confidence to go ‘back to basics’ with their meals. 

Read more about the #OrdinaryFood campaign

Coming soon! Parent blogger inspiration

As part of the marketing collaboration between ourselves, Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) and Hybu Cig Cymru (HCC),
a social influencer campaign is soon to go live, mobilising an army of parent bloggers to offer
inspiration and advice to family home cooks.

Once live, we will share a selection of our favourites!

Support for the meat trade

In light of the changing retail environment, we've moved quickly to help butchers and independent retailers.

We've created recipe cards to be included with home deliveries, as well as a range of designed graphics for use on social media to support businesses in their new working environment.

Visit our Butcher assets page

Don't forget the Meat Education Programme is available for butchers, chefs and anyone in between who have found themselves with more time on their hands and are looking to upskill.

There are a range of online modules and assets – all free of charge.

Explore the Meat Education Programme