Contents tagged with farrowing

5 October 2020

Avoid heat stress in sows during farrowing and lactation.

3 August 2020

Guidance on reducing the risk of piglet losses to predators such as badgers and foxes.

3 August 2020

Help prevent pig mortality in outdoor systems by strawing up farrowing arcs correctly.

3 August 2020

This information considers design, paddock layout and preparations to make during the farrowing period.

23 December 2020

Advice on providing the correct environment for sows and piglets in the farrowing house.

15 July 2020

Advice on meeting temperature requirements to minimise loss of sow condition

16 June 2020

Advice to help newborn piglets thrive in an indoor farrowing environment

16 June 2020

How to keep sows and gilts calm while piglets feed in an indoor farrowing environment

4 June 2021

The objective of this project was to establish the benefits of the milk line system in a controlled scientific environment and provide producers with information of how it is best utilised.

16 June 2020

Guidance on preparing and managing outdoor farrowing paddocks

11 October 2021

Guidance on preparing the farrowing house to optimise piglet health and growth

20 November 2019

Training: Stockperson Plus, Lincolnshire. Date to be confirmed.