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16 August 2019

Growing the meat, fish and poultry category

10 September 2018

Beef and sheep farms are needed for a new project which will help farmers across Great Britain improve management of their grassland.

22 September 2023

Find information on arable rotation in livestock – forage crops, cover crops and more.

13 December 2023

Updated results from the RamCompare project have seen a re-ranking of some rams based on their carcase weight estimated breeding values (EBV).

16 August 2019

In this article you will find a summary of red meat innovations seen across the world

2 November 2018

What to look out for and how to handle your cattle during extreme weather events such as droughts and heat waves

30 July 2018

Webinar: Guide to the common gut and lung parasites of cattle

9 June 2020

The AHDB and HCC-funded Beef Carcase Traits project uses data derived from the British Cattle Movement Service (BCMS), abattoirs and breed societies to produce EBVs for traits of economic importance to commercial beef producers.

12 March 2019

This market analysis will provide levy payers with an invaluable top-line estimate of the performance of red meat in the out-of-home (OOH) food market

28 February 2019

The aim of this report is to provide readers with an understanding of how Beef and Lamb trade could be affected once the UK leaves the EU, under both an agreed withdrawal and under a ‘no deal’ scenario.

11 October 2018

In this report we explore opportunities for livestock products, from the beef, sheep meat, pork and dairy sectors.

4 June 2019

Return of last years lost shoppers