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18 June 2019

Calculate rainfall-related mycotoxin scores and target T3 fungicide sprays in wheat

25 June 2019

Our Harvest Toolkit includes a wealth of information on market prices, harvest results, straw, good sampling practice, grain storage and grain marketing

26 November 2018

Poor feed and straw quality can present a risk to the physical performance of breeding and finishing herds. Reducing the risk of Mycotoxins in straw is key. There is much research on mycotoxins and their effect on animal health however, little is known about their chronic effects at low levels.

3 June 2019

AHDB has issued late-spring guidance for the management of fast-moving cereal crops

25 June 2019

Understanding the quality and condition of grain is crucial. Accurate sampling at each stage of the grain chain is required to develop that understanding. It should help to reduce waste and minimise charges, claims and rejections.

25 June 2019

This disease management guide brings together information on controlling economically important barley diseases.

11 September 2019

Assess the risk of fusarium mycotoxins and record the score on the grain passport.

3 June 2019

Find out about fusarium mycotoxins and how to manage them in cereal crops