UK sheep facts and figures

Use this guide for easy access to the latest information for the UK sheep industry, from prices through to consumption.

Marketing chain information

This data shows the size of the UK marketing chain from farm to fork.

Farm input costs

The latest weekly and monthly prices for key farm input costs.

Slaughterings and production

Figures showing up to date trends in sheep slaughterings in GB and UK along with the latest outlook for the UK.

Sheep carcase information

Annual carcase information for sheep.

Livestock and meat prices

The latest price for sheep in GB along with GB supermarket prices.

Auction market information

The latest information for auction markets across GB, including throughputs and prices.

Imports and exports

The latest trade statistics for UK sheep meat, broken down by product.


The latest GB household consumption trends for lamb, along with country of origin data for lamb product facings.

Analysis and insight

Discover the latest analysis and insight from our industry experts to help guide you through market movements and provide you with a clear, impartial view.

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