6 August 2018

Exports of red meat products from the UK got off to a strong start this year – with the total value of beef, lamb and pork rising above the £487 million mark

3 June 2019

Beef and lamb production controls have been inspected by government officials from Japan this week as part of ongoing moves to reopen the market on UK exports

7 June 2019

3 June 2019

Three potato varieties have been recommended for release in Kenya thanks to the joint efforts of AHDB, James Hutton Ltd, SASA and Seeds2B Africa (part of the Syngenta Foundation).

2 October 2018

The nature of the future relationship that the UK government will seek to negotiate with the rest of the EU has not yet been defined, following the 23 June referendum decision to leave.

2 October 2018

The referendum decision on 23 June has raised a number of questions around the approach the UK Government(s) will take to areas of policy which were previously decided at EU level. One of these areas is trade.

3 June 2019

Understand how agri-food trade could be affected once the UK leaves the EU, under both an agreed withdrawal and under a ‘no deal’ scenario.

3 June 2019

The Asia-Pacific region continues to offer opportunities for the UK pork sector – but industry must continue to work hard to ensure UK products are at the top of the list for importers

26 June 2018

AHDB is encouraging seed potato producers to consider Cuba as an export destination after recent meetings with Government officials in the country

25 June 2018

Trade and investment officers from the Department for International Trade (DIT) export visit

22 May 2018

The Safe Haven Certification Scheme is simple, practical and robust, offering strong protection from imported diseases for the whole industry. This is why the Potato Council played a major role in its development and its successor, AHDB, strongly supports it.