17 January 2019

New nitrogen and phosphorus calculators to help businesses demonstrate compliance with new permitting rules.

20 February 2019

AHDB's Environment & Buildings team provide an update on changes to environmental legislation

19 February 2020

New joint project important step towards sustainability framework for British beef and lamb

12 November 2018

Guidance about the measures farmers can take to reduce ammonia emissions including feeding, buildings, slurry storage and spreading, and fertilsers.

6 November 2018

Many of the current intensive livestock production systems require the provision of a controlled environment for housed stock. This handbook covers some of the fundamental principles involved in controlled environment. Some practical systems and equipment are illustrated and design examples are given in the appendices.

30 October 2018

AHDB has engaged BMG Research to conduct an in-depth survey of pig buildings.

23 July 2019

From 2 April 2018 all farmers in England will need to meet new government rules to protect water quality.

25 September 2018

Nutrient value of digestate

24 December 2019

Slurry Use

25 September 2018

Slurry Testing

2 November 2018

Common rush infestation is mainly a problem in permanent pastures and rough grazings on poorly drained soils in high rainfall areas. Once established, rush plants can impede soil drainage and reduce sward productivity. This publication looks at how to manage and control the common rush

2 November 2018

Water is a limited resource and water use in agriculture is a global concern. A significant quantity of water is used to produce each kilo of meat, however farmers can help minimise this water footprint by reducing water use on farm. This document looks at the factors farmers should consider