1 March 2024

Following one of the warmest Februarys on record, the threat to lambs from nematodirus is predicted to be extremely variable across the UK

1 March 2024

APHA are warning vets and farmers that the current warm weather may contribute to an increase in early spring tick activity

8 February 2024

Defra has announced that we are now in a seasonally vector low period, leading to some changes to disease control measures for BTV-3.

31 May 2024

Learn about Schmallenberg virus and how it can affect domestic and wild ruminants

1 February 2024

We share six top tips to manage joint-ill in lambs

1 February 2024

Learn how to prevent and treat joint infections in young lambs

24 January 2024

Learn about the midge lifecycle and how their behaviour allows them to transmit BTV to ruminants

13 June 2024

We are holding a series of webinars to provide live updates and presentations from industry experts on bluetongue

12 January 2024

Bluetongue virus technical webinar for vets

15 January 2024

Join us for an update on the bluetongue virus (BTV) situation in the UK.

9 January 2024

New Defra guidance on BSE and animal feed storage

7 February 2024

Join our fortnightly webinar series for an update on bluetongue virus in the UK