Farm Excellence

23 October 2023

Moving to twice a day delivery of fresh feed has increased milk production by 1.5 litres per cow for no extra cost at Chance Hall Farm in Cheshire managed by Tom and Karen Halton

30 August 2018

Almost 700 people attended AHDB’s Monitor Farm programme summer meetings to share ideas and experience, helping each other be the best they can be, regardless of external pressures like prices or the weather

23 October 2023

Views from across our Farm Excellence network on the 2018 heat wave and resulting drought

29 June 2018

How do you make an arable enterprise financially sustainable?

23 June 2021

Explore how you compare against our optimal dairy system key performance indicators to help establish what we can learn from each other

19 October 2021

Benchmark your performance against Statfold Farm and identify areas for improvement

22 June 2021

Benchmark your performance and identify areas for improvement

27 June 2018

UK farmers and growers will have access to more than 50 farmer-to-farmer learning events this summer

26 June 2018

Farmers focused on how to create a sustainable, profitable system at the summer meeting of the AHDB Monitor Farm in Saltburn

26 June 2018

More than three-quarters of farmers involved in AHDB’s Monitor Farm programme believe it has helped them improve their business, according to a new survey

25 June 2018

Northern Ireland’s farmers flocked to the launch of AHDB’s new Monitor Farm

12 December 2023

An emphasis on calf management and investment in new facilities reduce age at first calving by four months and more than double pregnancy