Market Insight

2 October 2018

In this edition of Horizon we will examine what the regulatory framework for plant protection products (PPPs) in UK agriculture and the wider supply chain might look like post Brexit.

23 May 2019

In this Horizon report, we look at what the future may hold for UK wheat and barley production.

18 July 2019

AHDB’s series of Horizon reports has previously looked at some of the issues that will be critical in shaping the agri-food sector following Brexit.

11 October 2018

In this report we explore opportunities for livestock products, from the beef, sheep meat, pork and dairy sectors.

19 October 2022

AHDB’s analysis of the big Brexit themes aims to improve industry understanding of the issues, as well as flagging the opportunities and threats they create.

2 October 2018

Brexit is by far the biggest threat to Scottish agriculture and we need to get ready to meet this unprecedented challenge.

27 August 2019

The UK undoubtedly has some of the most productive, dynamic and inspirational farming and growing businesses in the world.

20 June 2023

In April 2018, as Brexit drew closer, AHDB produced a comprehensive market report to explore the opportunities new export markets presented for British food and farming products.

23 November 2023

Known as the Interpig report, this document is created annually and examines the relative costs of pig meat production right up to farmgate level in selected countries. All these figures in this edition relate to 2016.

4 July 2018

The UK pig meat review shares the latest data on clean pig and sow slaughterings. It provides the latest import and export figures for the quarter and makes projections about the overall market supply situation to create a forecast

18 February 2022

The pocketbook contains details about the size and structure of the industry, plus data on Pig numbers, abattoirs, slaughterings, livestock and meat prices, imports and exports, consumption, feed prices and classification