12 December 2018

In April 2018 we reported that UK farms were spending too much on machinery, according to a review of machinery at the AHDB Monitor Farms.

4 December 2018

More than 100 forward-thinking arable farmers from across AHDB’s Monitor Farm network gathered for 24 hours last month to address the topic of resilience.

26 November 2018

The latest publication in this series of annual reports examines the relative costs of pig meat production up to farmgate level in selected countries; all figures relate to 2017.

19 October 2018

The strained trade relationship between the US and China is having a fundamental impact on world grain markets, delegates at AHDB’s Grain Market Outlook Conference were told this week.

22 September 2020

15 March 2021

Holly Shaw

13 October 2020

Learn how the Optimal Dairy Sysytems enterprise-level Key Performance Indicators are defined

8 March 2021

Explore how you compare against our optimal dairy system key performance indicators to help establish what we can learn from each other

20 June 2018

Learn how farmers are using Integrated Farm Management (IFM) practices to explore cost benefits

22 May 2018

A report analysing dairy business performance including costs, milk prices and margins as well as GB cost of production against other countries worldwide and productivity compared with European farms.

22 May 2018

Known as the Interpig report, this document is created annually and examines the relative costs of pig meat production right up to farmgate level in selected countries. All these figures in this edition relate to 2016.

3 June 2019

Helping farmers and growers build resilience in the face of industry challenges