9 February 2024

The Environment Agency is introducing changes to Environmental Permitting Regulations (EPR) requirements, find out what these could mean for you.

7 August 2023

The Environment Agency advises how farmers can maintain high rates of Environmental Permitting Regulation compliance.

15 February 2022

An update to Environmental Permitting Regulations (EPR) requirements came into effect in February 2021.

19 July 2021

AHDB’s accelerated ammonia monitoring trial shows that the British pig industry is successfully reducing ammonia emissions, saving producers an estimated £15.3m.

12 May 2021

Join Jon Foot in this AHDB-led session exploring the impact of changes to the EPR on ammonia emission limits.

12 May 2021

Join delegates in an online setting as the British Pig & Poultry Fair forums appear online for the first time on 12 May 2021.

12 August 2020

Watch our webinar focusing on the core concept of slurry cooling and its potential for the UK producers in terms of energy efficiency and ammonia reduction

6 August 2020

For those who are unaware of ‘slurry cooling’, this is the perfect step-by-step guide to demonstrate how slurry cooling works. This animation shows a number of proven options available to help you reduce ammonia emissions and comply with forthcoming compliance targets for environmental permitting.

11 August 2020

During this webinar, you will be taken on a journey to learn the basics of the slurry cooling system, discover benefits and industry reps that can help you, make a difference. Find out all the upcoming work we are doing.

11 June 2024

Use this information to help complete EPR applications when planning new pig housing and slurry storage facilities.

9 June 2021

To redress outdated figures, we have a large project underway to measure the ammonia emissions from different pig buildings in the UK

6 January 2020

Improving existing buildings or designing new builds to the best standards has a lasting and positive impact on animal health and productivity. This manual covers a wide range of aspects to improve buildings for your cattle.