Tea-m meeting – team boost

About the Tea-m meeting – team boost series

If your team are working extra hours to feed the nation, they deserve a boost. 

These motivational videos are filled with tips and ideas to help you lead yourself, your team and your business. We've also included handouts to summarise the key points and give you some actions to implement right away.

What's included?

  • A 10-15 minute agenda where your team is put first
  • Links, instructions and everything you need to get your first virtual meeting started
  • Tips from industry gurus like Nollaig Heffernan, Mark Denton, Becki Leach and Brad Waldron
  • Motivational videos and resources to use virtually, in meetings or share with your teams for individual use

Motivational videos

Brad Waldron discusses leadership during the current circumstances and provides you with exercises you can do for yourself or with your team.

He demonstrates how your leadership can be one of the positives that your team take from this period as you help them make it through to the other side.

More about Brad Waldron

Episode 1 exercises

Brad has provided you with some exercises to do with your team.

Download the worksheet from episode 1

How can you make sure your team feel valued and motivated, even in the most difficult of times?

Brad Waldron is back for episode  two, where he shares the five key drivers for your team. Base your behaviour around delivering these five feelings to your team and you’ll help your people come through anything.

Episode 2 exercises

Download the worksheet for help with delivering your team's 'five thermals'.

Former round-the-world yacht skipper Mark Denton discusses how you can use very day conversations with your team to build new levels of trust and rapport. Later he provides an exercise to help you and your teams acknowledge each other’s strengths and differences – helping to enable better communication.

Episode 3 exercises

Download a worksheet on Mark's social styles technique for getting to know yourself and others better.

Download the worksheet from episode 3

We all know what we do, but it can be easy for us, and particularly our teams, to lose sight of ‘why’ we’re doing it. In episode 4 of our team boost series Nollaig discusses how businesses with clear goals can thrive in a crisis.

Episode 4 exercises

Download Nollaig's worksheet to help you get 'back to the core' and communicate why you do what you.

Download the worksheet from episode 4

In the final clip for this series, Becki Leach recaps some of what we’ve learnt so far. The video and exercises give you tips on how you go from good intensions to actions and how those positive actions then becoming habits.

Episode 5 exercises

Download Becki's worksheet to help you turn good intentions, into action and habits.

Download the worksheet from episode 5

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How to run a virtual meeting

There are several platforms for running virtual chats or meetings so make sure you and the team can make the most of the virtual time together whilst staying safe. Here are two of the most popular:

You can also do a four person video call via WhatsApp. Or use whatever social media platforms you already use to communicate  

Some handy tips for virtual meetings:

  1. Agree a time for all to join the meeting and make sure you stick to the timings – short and concise is better! 
  2. Send everyone the link to join the meeting well in advance, maybe have a test run to make sure the technology is working.
  3. Give the team some time to settle in, and make sure everybody can be heard.

Now all you need to do is make sure everyone has their kettle boiled before the meeting!

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