SmartPork Monitor Farm: the results are in

Wednesday, 22 March 2023

Our SmartPork Monitor Farm programme has successfully introduced Lean Management techniques to pig farms, improving work efficiency, encouraging business improvements, reducing waste, and saving costs. The six farms involved with the programme have used Lean Management techniques to make a combined total savings of over £510K.

The pilot programme has seen pig producers adopt a new approach to analysing their business efficiency and farm performance, with the support of the pork knowledge exchange team and Lean Management consultants Fedden USP.

Each farm has taken a different approach and addressed issues unique to them, whether changing routines on the unit or reassessing the factors that go into pig production and how they impact business productivity.

Implementing the Lean programme has brought the farms’ teams and owners together and given them the opportunity to look at things in a different way. It has proved that something can be found in every business to help reduce waste and improve productivity by adopting more efficient processes.

Our National pig club webinar offers you the opportunity to hear from our knowledge exchange managers, who have been instrumental in the programme’s implementation, along with Neil Fedden and David Crowfoot, who helped with the delivery of the programme and provided an analysis for each farm business. Several of the farmers involved with the Monitor Farm programme will also be taking part in the webinar and will be happy to take questions.

Join the webinar on 28 March to hear the findings of this successful programme and identify opportunities to help save you time and reduce costs on your farm

Image of staff member Andrew Palmer

Andrew Palmer

Knowledge Exchange Relationship Manager (East) - Pork

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