Laureate and Flagon top the list for 2018 malting barley purchases

Thursday, 4 July 2019

Three out of every ten tonnes of malting barley bought by maltsters from the English and Scottish 2018 crops were the spring variety Laureate (30.1%).

Flagon was the most popular winter malting variety bought by maltsters from the 2018 crop, at 22.4% of winter purchases (3.4% of total purchases).

Laureate overtook the old favourite Concerto as the most purchased spring variety from both England and Scotland. Concerto had accounted for 40.1% of all malting barley purchased from the 2017 crop, but fell to 21.7% of purchases from the 2018 crop.

The data from the Maltsters' Association of Great Britain (MAGB) showed that Laureate, however, swooped to top place in 2018, from just 6.4% of all the malting barley purchases in 2017.

Concerto Barley on Black Isle

Laureate overtook the old favourite Concerto, pictured here on the Black Isle, Scotland

Mr Koshir Kassie, Chair of the MAGB Trade Committee, said: “When it comes to brewing and distilling, Concerto still compares favourably to Laureate. However, agronomically Laureate now performs much better.  It’s so high-yielding that it’s almost a no-brainer for farmers.”

In AHDB Recommended Lists 2019/20 trials, Laureate yielded 103% compared to the control; whereas Concerto’s yield was down at 94%.

Mr Kassie added: “Laureate has now also taken off on a global scale, and when that happens we do see more people starting to grow that variety.”

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