Help us build a stronger dairy industry

Wednesday, 18 December 2019

We're looking for dairy farmers to join our Strategic Dairy Farm network. 

Are you interested in:

  • Accessing support and guidance from industry experts to help make your farm more profitable and efficient
  • Learning from other farmers at events on your farm
  • Giving something back to the industry by sharing your experience with others

Yes? Great!

We're looking for someone who is:

  • A top-performer operating either atight block (autumn or spring) or AYR calving system
  • Open to sharing key performance indicators and benchmark figures

Apply today
For full details and to express your initial interest mail or telephone 0247 647 8792. Applications close 20 Jan 2020

What is an AHDB strategic dairy farm?
Farms that provide a platform for farmer-to-farmer learning, accelerate the uptake of knowledge and showcase best practice. They act as a focal point for regional and national discussions, openly sharing performance data and the impact of changes to farming or business practices. The farms reflect one of two production systems - all-year-round or block calving (spring or autumn) - demonstrating what is possible through both systems and publishing key performance indicators so others can benchmark their own business performance.

Programme aims
The programme aims to improve business resilience and performance through increased uptake of business management skills, tools and information. Demonstrating how technical performance can be improved through the adoption of best practice using an evidence-based approach and the latest research outcomes.

Who are our strategic dairy farmers?
Farmers who are top operators in either production system who have a clear strategy with defined goals and measurable targets. They are willing to disclose information, open up their business to scrutiny and share decision making with other farmers. They will be open minded, receptive to new ideas and willing to embrace change.

What are the benefits of being a strategic dairy farmer?
Sharing your financial information will help keep you on track and boost your technical performance, profit and long-term sustainability and improve your business decision making.
You’ll have the opportunity to access specialist expertise and resources, and liaise directly with prominent UK researchers. This will keep you up to speed with CPD, innovation and new developments and allow you to interact with people across the dairy supply chain.

Strategic dairy farm selection
One of our Knowledge Exchange Managers will visit nominated farms to gather background details and ensure they understand what’s involved and the commitment - normally three years. A selection panel will use a standardised scoring criteria to judge each farm and make a decision.

Farm Excellence Platform

The Strategic Farms are part of AHDB’s wider Farm Excellence Platform, which inspires industry to improve performance and succeed through knowledge exchange.

Visit our new farm excellence pages to meet our exisiting dairy farms