GB harvest 2022 is all but complete: Grain market daily

Friday, 16 September 2022

Market commentary

  • UK feed wheat futures (Nov-22) closed yesterday at £273.00/t, down £4.15/t on Wednesday’s close. The Nov-23 contract closed at £261.05/t, down £2.40/t over the same period.
  • The domestic market followed the Chicago and Paris markets down. Broad-based selling took place on growing warnings of a global economic slowdown, with recession and inflation concerning markets as it could lead to decreased demand. Further to that, US maize harvest is advancing at pace which is pressuring global grain markets.
  • Paris rapeseed futures (Nov-22) closed yesterday at €581.75/t, down €10.25/t on Wednesday’s close. Rapeseed prices were pressured with the soyabean market yesterday, as accelerating US harvest hangs over the market. The late dry weather is benefitting fieldwork and the end of crop development.

GB harvest 2022 is all but complete

Harvest of cereals and oilseed rape (OSR) in GB is now all but complete. There are occasional crops left unharvested in Scotland, although conditions have tended to be adequate for allowing clearance.  

Harvest was complete in England and Wales (bar a small area in the North East) by the end of August (Week 8). The remaining area of crops in the North East and parts of Scotland were gradually cleared over the following three weeks. Overall harvest progress in 2022 was earlier than in any of the previous five years, even with the slow finish in parts of Scotland and the North East. The relatively early harvest of 2018 was the closest, with 85% complete by the end of Week 7, compared to 95% complete in 2022. However, the 2018 harvest saw an even more drawn out conclusion, with the last crops harvested in week 11.

After an extended dry period over the summer months, rainfall has been received across most of GB. However, the intensity and frequency of rainfall is highly variable, with flooding in some regions (South West), while other regions have received below average levels. Given harvest was complete for most areas, the recent rainfall had little impact on progress or quality. However, in occasional crops in the North East, Yorkshire and Scotland rainfall has increased the need for drying.

Overall, limited amounts of ergot have been found in wheat and barley samples from central stores. Though in this latest update, there has been increasing reports of ergot noted in the East Midlands in winter wheat and spring wheat samples, as well as small amounts found in winter and spring barley samples.

Recent rainfall has allowed germination of weeds and volunteers in stale seedbeds. This is being controlled via cultivation or pre-drilling glyphosate application.

Where land was cultivated before rainfall, there was rapid wearing of metal on ploughs and cultivators, which has incurred extra costs for some. Recent rainfall has eased cultivation and reduced costs.

Planting of winter OSR started in late August and progressed into September with establishment aided by recent rain. The drilling of winter cereals started in week ending 13 September on lighter land with little to no grass weed issues.

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