EU pig meat TRQs

Friday, 8 March 2019

By Bethan Wilkins

The EU has a number of Tariff Rate Quotas for pig meat, which allow imports to enter at a reduced tariff rate. Uptake of these quotas is currently low, so these quotas may be relevant for British suppliers in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

Most of the pig meat quotas are allocated on a “first-come-first-served” basis, with the allocation period running from July-June each year. This means the product can enter at the reduced tariff rate until the quota is filled, after which the MFN tariff would apply.

The administration of this tariff is handled by the importer when the product arrives at customs. The Quota Order Number is entered in the customs declaration form at import, along with the necessary supporting documentation. The member state’s customs authorities verify this and forward the request to the EU Commission. The Commission allocates the requests based on the date the request was made at customs and notifies the member state’s authorities of the result. This takes at least two working days. The importer is then subsequently notified.

As the administration is handled by the importing country, we recommend exporters interested in utilising the TRQs in the event of a no-deal Brexit talk to their trading partners.

The 15,067 tonne quota for fresh, chilled or frozen carcases and half carcases may be of particular interest to those dealing in cull sows. This TRQ reduces the tariff rate from €53.6/100kg to €26.8/100kg. The volume is equivalent to 44% of UK carcase exports to the EU last year. Note that this quota has not been utilised in the current allocation period, so the full 15,067 tonnes is still available for use up to June this year.

The full range of pig meat quotas is summarised below:

“First come, first served”:

Simultaneous examination:

These quotas are managed slightly differently, by a system of import licenses. The annual quota period is split into quarters, with 25% of the volume available released in each period. Import license applications are made by the importer in the first week of the month before the start of each quarter, with licenses then allocated by the Member States before the start of the quarter. Allocations are made based on the volume requested by each importer- no more than 20% of the quantity available can be requested in one application.

*estimate, as original TRQ will be split between the UK and EU-27. It has been assumed all allocations so far are taken from the EU’s share.

For more information about the EU’s pig meat quotas, click here to visit the EUR-Lex website.

The allocation of quotas between the EU and the UK can also be found on the EUR-Lex website here.

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