Blog: New dairy sector council chair Lyndon Edwards

Thursday, 6 January 2022

Lyndon talks about his new role as chair of the dairy sector council which replaces the previous board and will give dairy levy payers a greater say over the running of the organisation.

My role is to represent the dairy industry and work with the other members of the council to put across our views, as well sitting on the main AHDB board.

I enjoy representing farmers and making sure they're properly heard, having previously chaired RABDF and Dairy UK’s Farmers Forum. I think my new role is a natural extension as in the past I have been critical of AHDB and quite vociferous both internally to AHDB as well as externally.

I've never been one to hold my views back, so I was a little surprised when my nomination was accepted because the people on the interview panel knew that I was not the easiest person in the world. If I have a strong view and I'm representing the industry, I will always do it to the best of my ability.

In the past I've criticised AHDB for their lack of standing up for the industry and defending the reputation of milk and dairy. But in the last couple years, they’ve done a much better job, so I must give them credit for that. They also need to show greater leadership on the environment so it’s good to see a dedicated team in place and ongoing work with others in the industry through the Dairy Roadmap.

I've been a member of the genetics advisory forum for about five years, and the work AHDB continues to do in this area is absolutely brilliant. Without it, I really don't know how the industry would cope. I've had some input with the export side before as well. It’s a small team that actually look for markets in in other countries and have been successful.

I thought I knew a lot of what AHDB did but there’s loads of excellent work but so much of it is hidden as there’s often not an AHDB flag behind it. Famers can stay up-to-date by signing up to newsletters and social media as that’s they way much is shared nowadays.

A key focus for the organisation right now is around ‘Shape the Future’ which will influence the direction of AHDB over the next five years.

The dairy sector council need to hear levy payer’s views so I feel it’s essential for the democracy of the organisation to feed in the areas that they would like to see prioritized. You’ve got until 31 March to register to have your say. It only takes a few minutes and is your opportunity to let us know about the areas you’re passionate about.

Register before 31 March 2022 to have your say

I’m optimistic that AHDB has a bright future and really looking forward to playing my part over the next three years. My door is always open so do get in touch to let me know your views.

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Lyndon Edwards

Board Member and Dairy Sector Chair

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