Managing the rising costs of farm inputs

With the rising cost of farm inputs, some farmers are considering longer-term changes to their farm systems. Others are looking into short-term solutions. Here are our top five tips to make the most of farm inputs:

  1. Soil test and aim for a soil pH of 6.0–6.5 for grassland. Testing soil pH will allow for more accurate, efficient, and cost-effective nutrient applications. Apply lime 2–3 weeks before spring nitrogen application to fields destined for silage. For more on soils, see AHDB GREATSoils
  2. Analyse your Farmyard Manure (FYM) and slurry for nutrient content, as this can vary widely. Watch this short video on How to sample farmyard manure
  3. Target fertiliser where it's needed. Use the Nutrient Management Guide RB209 to help you make the most of organic materials
  4. Calculate the cost benefit of applying Nitrogen using this Cost benefit calculator for nitrogen fertiliser use on grassland | AHDB
  5. Looking for fertiliser alternatives? Clovers, mixed species swards, and rotational grazing will all help. See more at AHDB Grass