Farming Ambassadors

Our Farming Ambassadors are busy telling the story of British farming online 

The Farming Ambassadors

We are supporting farmers to tell their story online, in an arena where so many conversations around health and environment happen but sometimes with very little evidence to back up those claims.

We are providing evidence-based, eye catching social media posts to share on social media to help spread the truth about farming in Britain, safe in the knowledge what you’re saying is accurate.

Recent activity started in January 2022 to coincide with the next phase of our We Eat Balanced consumer campaign. The campaign is aimed at consumers who are considering reducing their meat and dairy intake to remind and reassure them of the positive role red meat and dairy can play in a balanced diet.

The campaign is running until 28 Frebruary and will feature heavily on social media, which is where our Farming Ambassadors come in, to help spread the message far and wide.

Join in

We are not currently seeking new members for the group, but if you want to support, follow @TheAHDB on Twitter and Facebook and share the posts. You can also search for #ProudToFarm and join in the conversation.

For more information, email