Farming a greener future

To raise awareness and understanding of the importance of livestock and its role in feeding the population sustainably, we partnered with ITN Business to produce a news-style film – Farming a Greener Future.

By 2050, the global population is expected to reach nearly 10 billion and to meet dietary demands, food production must increase by 70%.

But with the common narrative being dictated by simplistic negative conclusions of livestock’s role within rising global temperatures, nature decline and decreasing human health, it is clear livestock’s value to society is grossly misunderstood.

Launched as part of Countryside COP, and anchored by journalist Duncan Golestani, the film explores:

  • How British agriculture is adapting and innovating to reduce its environmental impact
  • Livestock’s unique role in building more sustainable farming systems
  • Delivering food security for a growing global population to support health

It also features four industry partners to demonstrate some of the many ways British farming is innovating and adapting to not only reduce its environmental impact but continue to feed a growing population more sustainably.

  • Highlighting the importance of data integrity and how livestock are supporting nature recovery on a farm in Suffolk, Cool Farm Tool offers farmers the ability to manage complex science and data
  • Delving into the benefits of a circular farming approach and the utilisation of waste products. Platts Agriculture showcases sustainable livestock bedding which also supports animal health
  • Supporting the message that sustainability is not just about the environment, Boehringer Ingelheim demonstrates the importance of preventive animal care at a farm in Dorset to support ethical livestock production with a lower environmental impact
  • And finally, Doosan Bobcat shows how technology is supporting labour shortages on a farm in Limerick and how innovations are supporting the journey to net-zero emissions

The programme has been promoted by ITN Business to key audiences, including the media and academia, on the New Scientist website and on the ITN Business Hub

Farming a greener future

Oxford Farming Conference

The film was also shared at the Oxford Farming Conference 2024 as part of a panel discussion exploring the diverse role of livestock in sustainable farming systems, nature recovery, climate action and food security.


  • Professor John Gilliland OBE, Environment Consultant at AHDB
  • Kate Arthur, Lead Nutritionist at AHDB
  • Amy Jackson, Reputation Communications Consultant
  • Professor Jude Capper, Harper Adams University

The session was chaired by Mike Gooding, AHDB’s Farming Systems Director

Watch the discussion at the Oxford Farming Conference

AHDB offers no specific endorsement of the programme’s partners, but rather their demonstration of the widespread innovations within British agriculture to reduce its environmental impact.

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