AHDB and ITN’s Farming a Greener Future, what’s it all about?

In November we launched our programme, made in partnership with ITN Business, ‘Farming a greener Future'. Find out more about this unique project.

Who is ITN Business?

ITN Business is an arm of ITN News, who work with organisations like AHDB to shed light on topics that do not normally make the news. Previous partners of ITN include other leading bodies, charities and associations such as the British Skin Foundation and Chartered Institute of Housing. ITN Business' Head Programming Director, James Linden can tell you more.

Was the programme be aired on TV?

Not quite. The programme was launched in November 2023 during Countryside COP (CCOP), and is also available to watch on our website and the ITN Business HubThe programme will also be promoted by ITN Business for 4 weeks to key audiences, including the media and academia and on the New Scientist website.

ITN Business also provided shorted versions of each section for us share to reach as many of our target audience as possible, such as scientists, academics, educators, policy makers, consumers and the media. Greater reach of these audiences forms a key part of AHDB’s growing focus on protecting and promoting the reputation of our industry.

How much did it cost levy payers?

Zero. Yes, that’s right. There was no cost for us to create the programme with ITN. That's because it’s not about us, it’s about the industry.

Of course, there was staff time going into the project and the launch event at CCOP but, as it is predominantly created and delivered by ITN, that resource was minimal. The funding was met by the contributing partners.

What are contributing partners?

The programme features four industry contributing partners, who demonstrate how they are working to help the wider industry and farmers to become more economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable.

It offers a unique opportunity for the industry to showcase its contribution and many challenges.

AHDB worked to incorporate all four of our funding sectors, as well as multiple topics covering sustainability. These include nature recovery, climate action, animal health and welfare, labour shortages, food security and waste circulation.

Is it a balanced message?

Absolutely. The programme shows the immense diversity within soils, landscapes and farming systems as well as the challenges it faces to implement nature-based solutions, climate action and ensure food security. It is not easy or clear cut and we wanted to get that across.  

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