Ninezergh Farm key performance indicators

Our strategic dairy farms openly share their KPIs so you can see how they perform against the technical and financial measures critical for success

Block calving systems

Key Performance IndicatorsGood performanceAverage performancePoor performanceNinezergh Farm
Cows and heifers calved within the first 6 weeks (%) >90% >80% <70% 45%
Herd replacement rate (%) <20% 22% 26% 28%
Milk solids output per ha (Kg milk solids/hectare) >1,500kg/ha 1,250kg/ha 1,100kg/ha 823 kg/ha
Milk yield from forage (litres)  >5,000 litres 4,000l litres 2,750 litres 5269 (408kg) 
Milk yield from forage (solids) >427kg 342kg 235kg 408kg
Overheads excluding rent and finance (ppl) 9ppl 10.5ppl 12.5ppl 13.9ppl
Genetic merit (%) 5% 25% 50% TBC

Generic financial measures

Business Performance MeasuresExcellent performanceGood performanceAverage performanceNinezergh Farm
Full economic net margin (ppl) 7ppl 2ppl -3ppl 5ppl
Return on tenants capital (%) >20% 14% 3% 14%
Full economic costs of production (ppl) <24ppl 30ppl 34.5ppl 26.8ppl

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