Chestnut Farm

Chris and Louise Elkington
Farm sectors:
Beef & Lamb
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About Chestnut Farm

  • 55ha land of permanent pasture plus around 70ha temporary short term lets for the sheep enterprise
  • Ewe numbers: Indoor flock of 154 ewes and 60 ewe lambs. Outdoor flock of 183 ewes and 61 ewe lambs (total = 458)
  • Ewe breeds: Indoor flock are LLeyn and Roussin, outdoor flock are Lleyn x Aberfield
  • Ram breeds: Charollais, Roussin, Lleyn and Highlander
  • Other income: Gelston Lamb brand
  • Chris and Louise’s objectives are to:
    1. Improve their grassland management
    2. Reduce mastitis incidence
    3. Increase scanning %
    4. Improve worm control
    5. Improve growth rates and reduce feed costs for rearing and finishing lambs

Lamb Strategic Farmers Chris and Louise Elkington, Chestnut Farm  

Chestnut Farm is one of the new Lamb strategic farms and is managed by husband and wife duo, Chris and Louise Elkington. The pair are no strangers to farming having both grown up on arable farms, however, they only began running sheep approximately ten years ago. Chris explains:

“It all started with a few pet sheep and we’ve grown up to 450 breeding ewes today. Along with the farm, we also own a catering company called Gelston Lamb selling our lamb direct to our customers through box schemes and catering at country shows and events.  

“The main reason we wanted to be part of the strategic farm programme is to make our grazing strategy more efficient and also to increase our lambing percentage in our outdoor flock of Lleyns. We are looking forward to getting an outside opinion on how to improve our flock and meeting new and likeminded farmers in our area.” 

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Chris and Louise Elkington

Chris and Louise Elkington

Chris and Louise farm along with running a catering company, Gelston Lamb in Grantham, Lincolnshire.

Upcoming Meetings

16 June 2022, 10:30 AM - 16 June 2022, 1:30 PM

Chestnut Farm, Grantham, Lincolnshire, NG32 2AE

AHDB Strategic Farmers Chris and Louise Elkington are taking steps to reduce their risk of anthelmintic resistance.

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