Northfields Farm (2017 - 2021)

Guy Prudom
Farm sectors:
Beef & Lamb
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About Northfields Farm (2017 - 2021)

  • Beef & Lamb Strategic Farmer from 2017 until 2021

  • 405 ha farm, split across three tenanted holdings, all part of the Mulgrave Estate in North Yorkshire

  • 60% of land is arable growing wheat, barley, winter beans and clover in rotation

  • 230 Stabiliser and Simmental/Angus cross suckler cows

  • Heifers calve at two years of age

  • Youngstock finished and sold deadweight 

When Guy joined the Strategic Farm programme his aims were to:

  • Increase the herd size to spread fixed costs
  • Increase number of calves weaned
  • Tighten the calving period
  • Implement rotational grazing

When Guy joined the Strategic Farm programme his priority was to increase the number of calves weaned. By taking part in an AHDB funded study looking at the impact of dry cow nutrition on colostrum quality, it was identified that Guys dry cow ration was insufficient, resulting in the cows being low in protein and energy around calving. Using the help of a nutritionist, Guy tweaked the dry cow ration which has resulted in his weaning percentage increasing by 5%.

Guy has also worked hard to tighten the calving period, increasing the number of calves born in the first six weeks of the calving period from 80% to 86%. Guy has achieved this by reducing the bulling period to 9 weeks and culling any cows which fall out of the calving period.  

The final major change Guy made was to implement rotational grazing. Guy started small by rotational grazing a small group of cows and calves, it has been so successful over the years he has extended this to most of the herd. Rotational grazing has allowed Guy to expand the herd by 20% whilst grazing the same amount of land.

More information on setting up rotational grazing can be found here

If you would like further information on the results of the study investigating the impact of nutrition on colostrum quality read here

Guy Prudom

Guy Prudom

Guy farms 230 Stabiliser and Simmental/Angus cross suckler cows with his parents in Whitby, North Yorkshire.