Sparsholt YEN Conference

Past Event - booking closed

Thu, 27 February 2020

9:30 AM - 1:30 PM

Westerley Court Conference Centre, Sparsholt College, Westley Lane, Sparsholt, Winchester, Hampshire


A conference to explore the components of yield, as defined from findings of the ADAS YEN programme, and to look at practical agronomy, trialling methods and farmer experiences to achieve cost effective yields.

As arable farmers strive to reduce costs of production to combat volatility and the loss of farm subsidy, one of the key strategies is to maximise yield to spread those costs. With yields plateauing over recent years, this event seeks to explore new science and cultivate sharing of best practice so to raise average yields towards the crop’s genetic potential in any given growing locatio

The speakers at this year's conference are as follows:

  • Sarah Kendall (RSK ADAS) - 'Learning from YEN'
  • David Hoyles (GH Hoyles Ltd) - 'Practical and meaningful farm trialling'
  • Sajjad Awan (AHDB) - 'RB209 Crop nutrition update'
  • Syed Shah (NIAB TAG) - 'Crop trials: reducing reliance on nitrogen'
  • Alex Wilson (Farmer, agronomist and YEN Milling Wheat and Spring Barley winner 2018/19) - 'My YEN story'

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T 07964 255614