Practical use of sexed semen for block calvers - Webinar

Past Event - booking closed

4 February 2019

7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Join us for a webinar with Dave Gilbert (Horizon Vets) along with farmers Tim Downes and Tristan Dale, who both use block calving systems, to discuss why and how you should use sexed semen in a block calving system.

Using sexed semen:

A key factor to the profitability of a block calving herd is fertility and the ability to maintain the block. Traditionally, sexed semen has been associated with poorer conception rates leading to reduced herd fertility. However, recent advances in technology, along with practical advantages, show that sexed semen can successfully be used in a block calving system.

The webinar:

The webinar will highlight some of the financial and emotional benefits of reducing the number of lower-value calves produced. It will set out how to overcome some of the practical considerations when using sexed semen, including:   

  • The benefits of using sexed semen
  • How to plan for better herd fertility
  • Which cows/heifers to mate to sexed semen
  • Health benefits of obtaining replacements from ‘early cycling’ cows
  • Insight from two farmers successfully using sexed semen