Cattle handling - Keep calm & keep moo-ving with Joep Driessen

Join us for this webinar exploring the ‘dos and don’ts’ of cattle handling with Joep Driessen, a Dutch vet known as ‘the cow whisperer’ because of his ability to listen to cows and understand their body language.

If you or your team get frustrated when cows won't move up a race, had close calls with a cow lashing out or are irritated when tasks take too long when handling cattle, then this webinar is for you.

You'll develop a better understanding of cow behaviour, the impact of your actions and improve cattle handling skills to save you time, reduce stress on both people and animals and make your farm a safer place to work.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Understand how cows see and feel
  • Adapt your behaviour around cows
  • Make handling cattle easier and ultimately quicker
  • Improve overall stockmanship of livestock on your farm

About Joep Driessen

DVM doctor of veterinary medicine Utrecht University 1994
Marketing and Communication studies, Utrecht 2000

1994 practical veterinarian in the Netherlands
1997 founded Vetvice, veterinary advice company, with Mr. Jan Hulsen
1998 worked with 14.000 cows in Saudi
1999 first CowSignals® workshop in the Netherlands
2007 founded CowSignals® Training company
2010 opening of CowSignals® training center in Bergharen, the Netherlands
2016 opening of new CowSignals® training center Bergharen

2000 launched CowSignals® diamond – management tool
2006 launched the CowSignals® /Vetvice/Dairylogix robot barn design
2007 start with Certified CowSignals® Master courses
2008 developed PeopleSignals® action model to motivate farmers and advisors
2011 innovation award Ontario for our cow & farmer friendly robot barn design
2012 nomination for MVVO award for being the most sustainable Dutch veterinarian
2014 launched online learning courses on
2015 innovation award Scotland for the same CowSignals® /Vetvice/Dairylogix robot barn
2016 launched CowSignals® Cuddle box concept
2016 innovation award at Eurotier with CowSignals® Cuddlebox
2017 inspired and educated over 500 CowSignals® Master trainers worldwide
2018 launched CowSignals® logo on milk cartons produced by CowSignals® educated farmers in France at Sodiaal (live and online) called: high welfare milk
2019 our CowSignals® concept barns are reaching the top in many countries. Top 3 in the Netherlands for longevity and Euros are all designed by our team.
2020 developed CowSignals® online Advisor course, this year trained 110 CowSignals® Advisors online



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