Effects of spring timings and rates of application of triazole fungicides on plant growth regulatory activity and control of light leaf spot (PhD)


Cereals & Oilseeds
Project code:
01 January 2001 - 01 January 2001
Project leader:
Anne Coules Nottingham University, Sutton Bonington Campus Loughborough EL12 5RD



About this project


To determine timings and rates of triazole fungicides to control oilseed rape diseases. Produce different canopy sizes and the responses to differing growth stages to five fungicide regimes. To establish the PGR activity of some fungicides determine the possible benefits on yield. Optimise application programmes to give maximum yield and disease control.

Use ELISA and GC-MS to measure fungicide residues on plants to help to determine length of time chemicals control disease.

Develop PCR as a molecular tool that can aid the identification of P. brassicae and L. maculans, before the occurrence of physical symptoms, and the possibility of using this in conjunction with forecasting systems