Deferred payments and non-collection of milk

If you are faced with non-collection of milk speak to your milk buyer and find out whether there are likely to be repeat issues and then look at the options for safe disposal of milk.

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Keeping up quality may maximise your milk cheque. Alternative sources of income such as selling milk direct to the public, finding a market for calves selling surplus silage to sell could also help.

Diversification might be an option if you decide now is time to make the leap into a new venture. Whatever, your next steps, it is important to know your costs.

We’ve taken the hard work out of number crunching, budgeting and forecasting so that you can present sound numbers to your bank manager, accountant or consultant about your farms plans for the future.

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What do I do if my milk collection has been delayed or I have to dispose of milk?

Milk collections are the lifeblood of every dairy farm and any disruption causes immediate issues for dealing with a large volume of milk as well as the potential for reduced income.

What to do if your milk collections are delayed or cancelled

The options and regulations for disposing of milk

There are a number of ways to boost your current income, such as keeping milk quality up to maximise your milk cheque, selling excess silage or selling surplus calves. 

Options for boosting dairy farm income

A cash flow forecast will help you to understand when your business will go into deficit, or breach your overdraft limit, helping you to take action in advance

Guidance about managing my cashflow

Keeping your employees healthy and motivated is important for smooth operations on all dairy farms.

Recruiting, retaining and motivating farm staff

Focusing on your personal needs and those of your family can help keep your business on track and dealing with the issues it faces.

Support for mental health and personal resilience

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