Coronavirus: support for dairy farmers

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, you may be facing farmgate price cuts, changes to payment terms, requests to reduce milk production or significant changes to the way you manage your business. This information will help you face the challenges.

The response from processors will affect you in different ways and may mean you need to make immediate changes to your business operations.

You may be thinking about options to cut costs, handle cash-flow issues or make management changes to minimise the impact.

Our resources and guidance will support you through the current situation - select the statement below which closely matches your circumstances.

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The response to the Coronavirus lockdown is fast-moving and ever-changing, so our guidance for you and your employees will help you understand what support is available. 

Business advice and support around Coronavirus

As lockdown eases, farm visitors pose a significant coronavirus transmission risk to the health of you, your family and farm staff. Taking sensible precautions enables them to come on your farm safely and minimise the risk of catching COVID-19.

Top tips to reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission with farm visitors

When faced with challenges, it’s reassuring to know that there are a number of charities you can lean on. Their practical advice, guidance and support continue to make a huge difference to many in the farming community.

Support for you and your family

The English and Welsh governments are providing support to eligible dairy farmers whose income has dropped due to the impact of Coronavirus.

Dairy Response Fund England

Dairy Support Scheme Wales

Reduced income can have significant consequences on your business; balancing costs and production with help from our calculators will help you plan for the long-term.

How to manage reduced income on your farm

There are various options for cutting production in the short term, but some may have long term consequences. We look at options so you can make informed decisions.

Options to reduce milk production

Delayed or non-payments may mean you can no longer cover costs, so our guidance will help maximise and find alternative sources of income as well as dealing with advisors.

What to do if your milk isn't collected or payments have been delayed

Key challenges

Looking after cash flow, your mental health and your staff is fundamental when faced with challenges in business. This information offers practical advice and support.