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13 February 2020

UK farmgate prices remained remarkably steady across 2019, despite the uncertainty.

6 February 2020

Over the past decade, UK average butterfat levels have been rising. This increase in the longer term is likely a reflection of changing genetics within the milking herd.

6 February 2020

On 15 January, the US and China signed their 'phase one' trade deal. US exports of dairy are likely to benefit from the deal.

6 February 2020

In 1974, average per capita consumption was 140 litres per year, in 2018 average per capita consumption was 70 litres per year.

5 February 2020

The UK saw an annual increase in milk solids over the second half of 2019. This has also happened in the EU but by less significant amounts.

30 January 2020

A new report published by the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) suggested the increasing use of low-carbon farming practices, improving animal health, precision farming, planting more trees, restoring peatland, increasing the planted area of bioenergy crops and reducing food waste would help to achieve reductions in emissions.

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