Cost-effective weed control in winter oilseed rape


Cereals & Oilseeds
Project code:
01 September 1991 - 31 August 1994
AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds.
AHDB sector cost:
£74,671 From HGCA (Project No. OS09/1/91)
Project leader:
P.J.W. Lutman1, P. Bowerman2, G.M. Palmer3, F. Andrews3 and G.P. Whytock4 1 IACR Rothamsted, Harpenden, Hertfordshire AL5 2JQ 2 ADAS Boxworth, Boxworth, Cambridgeshire CB3 8NN 3 Morley Research Centre, Wymondham, Norfolk NR18 9DB 4 Scottish Agricultural College, 581 King street, Aberdeen AB9 1UD



About this project


The objectives of this project were: a) to investigate the effects of broad-leaved weeds on winter oilseed rape, b) to see how crop vigour, as influence b agronomy, affected weed competition, c) to investigate the possibility of predicting yield losses from weeds. A total of seventeen experiments were carried out at four sites (Rothamsted, ADAS-Boxworth, Morley Research Centre and the Scottish Agricultural College-Aberdeen, over three seasons 1991-1994. Three weeds of contrasting phenologies were chosen for detailed investigation: chickweed, a prostrate, vigorous but early senescing weed; scentless mayweed, an upright weed with later maturity; and cleavers, a late maturing, scrambling species. A further eight weeds were studied less intensively, mainly in the 1994 'multi-species' experiments.