Personal objectives

While it is vital to spend time thinking about the objectives of your farm business, your personal goals are just as important.
  • What makes you happy as a person? Is it time spent with family? Travel, good food and good company?

  • What do you enjoy about farming and growing? Perhaps it is seeing new livestock born, ploughing a field, selling quality produce, solving a problem or working with your family?

  • What is the purpose of what you do? Is it to progress personally, to build a business to hand down the generations, or to save for your retirement?

  • What are you good at?

  • What are your plans for the next two, five or seven years? Do you want to expand the business, exit with cash, move into new technologies?

  • Does farming fit into these plans?

Download and complete this worksheet to keep a record of your personal objectives.

Personal objectives worksheet

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