Brexit scenario planning

Brexit scenario planning

Milk Forecasting Calculator


As a dairy farmer this will allow you to compare your current system against a range of alternative scenarios and includes spring and autumn block calving herds profiles as part of AHDB’s optimal dairy systems approach. The tool can be used to see how changes to herd size, yields or calving patterns will impact your business. To aid planning, comparisons can be made over a three year period and feed costs added to see the impact of any changes over time.

Slurry Wizard

Beef, Lamb, Dairy, Pork

If you’re a diary farmer, this will help you upgrade or replace your slurry storage.  The wizard enables you to understand whether there is adequate slurry storage, to explore different strategies and weigh up the cost benefits of different ways to tackle under-capacity.  Please read the user guide before launching the housing wizard.

Prospace 2012

Horticulture (Ornamentals)

ProSpace is specifically for Hardy Ornamental Nursery Stock (HONS) growers and provides you with a computer-based method of planning space use for the different environments found in plant nurseries, e.g. outside beds, polytunnels or glasshouses; cold or heated.

Carbon Footprint Decision Tool

Cereals & Oilseeds

Allows you to calculate the carbon footprint of a particular crop.

Grass+ Worksheet 15: Re-Seeding Costs

Beef, Lamb, Dairy

If you want to work out the cost of re-seeding a field, then this is the tool for you.  An example of the calculating can be found within section 12 of Grass+.