Beef & Lamb Engagement team

Your first port of call at AHDB is your regional manager. If you’re unsure which region you are in, just contact one manager and they will put you in touch with the right person.

North East

Emily Symonds, Engagement Manager

Emily has experience across the beef and lamb supply chain. Recently, she has been working within the R&D sector linking businesses up with science then translating the knowledge back to a business/farm level.

E: T: 07964 243 699

North West

Karl Pendlebury, Engagement Manager

Karl has more than 35 years’ experience in the beef and lamb sector. He has knowledge of animal trading, auditing of food businesses and has worked with major retailers in their technical supply chains as a specifications manager.

E: T: 07392 319 847


Emma Steele, Engagement Manager

Emma is from a mixed livestock farm in East Yorkshire and has expertise in sheep and beef genetic evaluations for commercial and pedigree breeders.

E: T: 07392 319 813

South East and Anglia

Kate Thompson, Engagement Manager

Kate is a bioscience graduate, which combined with a farming background, cemented a passion for the industry. Kate has previously worked in both the Benchmarking and Communications teams at AHDB.

E: T: 07392 319 264

South West

Leah Shanks, Senior Engagement Manager

Leah gained an MSc in Veterinary Microbiology from the University of Surrey and has worked in policy and communications for the Antimicrobial Resistance team at the Veterinary Medicines Directorate.

E: T: 07979 943 392


Samantha Charlton, Head of Engagement

Sam started in commercial banking before moving to Lloyds Bank as an Agricultural Manager. She joined AHDB in 2017 from her previous role at the NFU. Her interest around the financial performance of agri-businesses continues with AHDB.

E: T: 07717 501 564