Beef and lamb: action for profits


Beef & Lamb
Project code:
01 August 2005 - 31 March 2009
AHDB Beef & Lamb
Project leader:
AHDB Meat Services

About this project

The Problem:

Technical information relating to beef and sheep production is generated constantly throughout the world.  To take advantage of new and existing knowledge to improve financial returns, it needs to be communicated effectively to producers.  At part of the Better Returns Programme, this has generally taken the form of manuals.  It is believed that other resources (Action for Profits) should be available that are specific, topical and easy to update and renew.  The resources will target subjects with the greatest potential for bringing about financial improvement.


Project Aims:

  1. To produce a continuously and expanding source of technical information for beef and sheep producers.
  2. To direct producers to more comprehensive resources, eg through other organisations‘ websites.
  3. To develop an interactive web based resource.



A branded resource will be developed, and will cover two sides of A4.  There will be a set format, with 3 targets and 10 management guidelines being on the first page, and the reverse being used to expand interesting sections, eg financial information, clinical signs.



More than 30 Action for Profits will be produced both in printed and electronic form.  The sheets can be produced as part of the outcome of project or by direct requests from producers or EBLEX staff.