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10 November 2021

Investing in concrete grooving helped Grant Hartman save £24,000 by reducing cow casualties due to slipping at his Carmarthenshire dairy farm.

6 August 2021

Case studies from dairy farmers who've made improvements on their farms.

9 November 2020

Vets Owen Atkinson (OA) and Nick Bell (NB) answer all the questions from the Healthy Feet Lite webinar on 9 June 2020.

29 September 2020

Find out how to identify a toe abscess and what treatment methods to use.

29 September 2020

Learn about how and when to vaccinate sheep against lameness diseases.

1 March 2024

Find out how to avoid spreading infection during handling, gathering and when the sheep are out in the field.

20 May 2021

Use this flow chart to help you identify the possible cause of lameness.

29 September 2020

Find out how to look for cases of shelly hoof and treat it effectively if it occurs.

16 March 2021

Find out how to look for the signs of toe granuloma and treat it effectively.

8 October 2020

Find out how to identify, prevent and treat scald.

26 March 2024

From spotting the first signs to treating the disease, our advice will help you to manage all aspects of footrot.

29 September 2020

Find out how and when to treat infected sheep to reduce lameness.